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Fitting you to a T(ee)

One of my favorite things about owning my own business is giving in to my obsessions! If you can't play a little, why do it at all?! I curate collections of glassware, brass and wooden figures, mirrors and velvet furniture - all my favorite vintage items! But, one of my life obsessions has always been lacking... clothes! And now, it's time to play with clothes so, I've upped my vintage clothing game (just a little). I mean, I've always carried accessories like jewelry and bags and this past Summer, I started keeping a small rack of fun pieces in stock for City Market months.

When I moved into the Antiques Exchange, I expanded a bit to include all of those velvet dresses and cozy sweaters I love so much...

But, this month, I've expanded again and there are no regrets... Now in stock, JEANS & TEES!

I've even picked up a few sporty pieces (the technical term haha!) - something I've tried picking up in my thrifting ventures in the past but felt clueless about and inevitably put back. Now, totally inspired by Generation Cool (check out Slobby's World on Netflix) and backed by endless waves of info online, I've jumped in... or more like just dipped my toes in for the hell of it. Requires loads of research on my end but that's one of the things I LOOOOVE ♥

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