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New Blog, Who Dis?

Welcome to my blog! I'm Wendy, owner and curator of Buttercup Lane Vintage, a little vintage shop I started in 2015. In these few short years, my shop has grown from a little Etsy hobby to a full-time online shop and market pop-up! When I made that leap into the vintage selling world, I really had NO idea what I was getting into aside from knowing how much fun it was for me. Knowing what I was getting into or not, I'm so glad I did it! Everything I've learned about business, history and myself - priceless lessons! Not to mention the people I've met and continue to meet!

And this is why I've decided to create this blog. To not only share my favorite finds and my crazy thrift life but to highlight some of my shopper's pics and offer a place where I can share answers to the bazillions of questions that I get asked on the reg by shoppers and fellow vintage lovers...

Yes, I'm aware that I'm still a "beginner" in comparison to some vintage peeps.

Yes, I'm aware that I'm far from "influencer" status on Instagram.

Yes, there are *some* secrets a girl's gotta keep.

But, I'm just too big of an oversharer (as some of you already know!) not to start a blog!

So, peeps, bring it. Go to my Home Page and click "CONTACT" to send me your pics, your questions, your

"what is this..."

"where can I find one..."

"how the heck do I clean these..."