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  • Terra Cotta Aztec Statue, Pre-Columbian Folk Art

    Large terra cotta sculpture with loads of character and charm! The pre-Columbian Folk Art sculpture depicts a kneeling male figure in traditional maxtlatl (loincloth) with necklace, bracelets, breast plate (which I imagine was meant to depict the cloak/cape clasp) and headress. Complimenting the warm, earthy orange of terra cotta, this statue is adorned with green, brown and white.


    DIMENSIONS: 15"h x 9"w x 7"d (at base)


    Statue is in excellent condition with minimal signs of wear. It appears to have been used outdoors (garden statue?). A couple of beads from one of the bracelets have broken off but there are not chips, cracks or structural defects. See photos for details.